Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Just letting it out.

Sometimes a person can hit a nerve.
For me, don't you dare say anything to me about parenting in the heat of anger.
I become deeply insulted and although I know that isn't truly meant, it will be that much harder for me to forget and forgive.
It will sting because if there is anything I'm certain of is my parenting. All parents do what they believe is best for their child. Forget the labels. In the end it's all the same, we do what we deem best. Therefore, no one should question another's parenting. It's below the belt. It's childish. 
We are a team and we need to work as a team. We can become overwhelmed that we need a break. That's normal. We can become overwhelmed that we snap and release in a vent. Just don't let that vent become personal. Don't ever use parenting as a shard of glass.
I rarely say anything is right or wrong.  That is wrong.
In the same frame of mind, don't you ever dare say anything about my family.
A woman does more than anyone can imagine for their family.
They give up more willingly. They sacrifice and put their needs below their family.
"not seven times but seventy-seven times." When someone does the above to me, it makes it that much harder for me.