Monday, February 06, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray, It's Groundhog's Day!

I know this is late but I get a pass, I'm a mom (and a mom to two under 4 at that).
I love Bill Murray's film, "Groundhog Day."
I love it not because of the hilarity or plot although it's darn good.
I love it because it reminds me of my Dad. My Dad loved this movie. There are a handful of movies my Dad really really loved and got a kick out of. This one in particular has the added benefit of conjuring up memories of my brother as a kid and my own thoughts and memories of being a kid whose brain was sometimes too old for itself.
My Dad and brother got a kick out of this movie. I never got into it until after his death.
The banality of life, I just didn't get. I was too young to get the epiphany that Bill Murray's character receives to push the film to a happy ending. I was to angst filled.
Now I look back at that movie and I smile and laugh and wonder, would I want a do-over?
I know the actual holiday focuses on weather and the entertainment and folly of a rodent like animal but thanks to those memories, it will always remind me of that movie and how my Dad and brother would chuckle and laugh until their bellies ached.