Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Harriet the Spy

I know sometimes I can be a bit too demanding of my kids.
I feel like some brutus when I do it.
For example, my kid loves the states. I'm not joking. Every night she's added to her bedtime routine states. I point to a state and she names it.
She doesn't know all the states. We have a handful but still I'm proud of her and I like to take her lead in learning what interests her.
Sometimes I feel like she says the wrong state to prolong the bedtime. Actually, I think she's prolonging the mommy and me time which is totally understandable with a 3 month old in the house.
Still, it gets to me. The first few times I'm ok but when she's consistent, when she constantly asks, "Give me a hint." before I even finish the question, I know she's better than that.
Now I know, she's not going to have a high concentration level.
I just don't like that she does that. I know you know the answer. Answer it.
I'm having a blast with you too kid but don't start going all, "I don't know." when you do know.
My new tactic is we have a timer for states. If we don't finish talking about the states before the timer goes off, we won't have time for her puzzle book. (I'm telling this bedtime puzzles, quizzes etc is great but I know it's also lengthening our bedtime.)
Today I started it. The robot timer went off and she frantically starting pointing to states and naming them, correctly! At one point she said to herself, "Think, think, think.  Nebraska! I found Nebraska!"
Afterwards, as I was tucking her in I told her that she just demonstrated to me that she did know the states and she didn't have to pretend she didn't know. I don't know if she gets it.
Girls do many foolish things during the hormone years. One thing I don't want her to do is dumb herself down for anyone. She's a bright and intelligent girl who should use her talents and be proud of them.
Am I being to harsh on her?
Am I displacing some personal childhood stuff on her?