Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can I zip my lip?

Today is Ash Wednesday.
Aside from getting my ashes, it's also the day to consider something to sacrifice or work on throughout the Lenten season.
This year, I'm picking a doozy.
I'm going to work on holding my tongue.
When I feel the need to say something, I'm going to keep silent, nod my head and count to ten before I say a peep.
I'm finding more and more folks are stressed out these days. It's totally understandable.
It's not right to displace or lash out at someone because of the stress but I want to allot for the fact that we all have stressed moments.
Therefore, before a make a situation into a powder keg situation, I will try to be silent, hold my tongue, nod and count to ten before I say a word.
Perhaps this will give me time to re-evaluate the situation and determine if it's worth it or not to speak.
I know this is a big one.
I wonder if I can make it past the day let alone 40 days.
We shall see.