Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

As with most parents, instead of winding down, I going into overdrive when the clock strikes 5p.
Our routine is fairly straightforward. It's a tag team dance of sorts where I'm usually following a practiced routine with room for ad libs here and there. It's like Dancing with the Stars without the sequins and judging.
My evening routine starts like this:

5p Rush home, Start dinner, Wash some dishes, Unpack breastmilk, Prep bedroom for nighttime (dim lights, fill water container, turn down bed), change into home clothes.
6p Feed kids, feed husband (maybe, sometimes we wait until after the kids are asleep), wash more dishes, prep nighttime routine part II (yogurt, toothbrush and wash cloth). DH walks the dog at some point here too.
7p DH helps with 3 Ps for bedtime (potty, pick up and pajamas) while I finish nursing son and getting him to sleep. Then I head into bedroom for nighttime (us map, puzzle time, story time/yogurt, brush teeth, wash face and prayers)

If all goes well, both kids are alseep by 8pm. I can then make dinner for DH and myself, tidy up, wash the dishes and prep for tomorrow morning (breakfast, lunches, breastpumping todos). If I'm really feeling fiesty, I can take a shower or risk it and try to take one in the AM.

I know. Doesn't that sound insane? It's what we do though. It's tiring, yes, but we also know if we do it this way, 6:7 nights we both get to rest a bit by 8pm.  Rest? Do you not see the list of todos on your 8p roster? Listen, nowadays anything that doesn't involve children underfoot is doable in a short period of time.

Plus, I have a compulsive need to have order or some type of order in my life. This drives my husband mad but if he knows what's best, he goes along or the wrath of Mothra appears.

With every season and every change in milestones and age, this routine changes.
Isn't parenting adventurous?