Thursday, February 02, 2012


Our bedtime routine for DD has now morphed to this:
Supper, Bathtime, Storytime/Yogurt, Brush Teeth, Wash Face, Puzzle/Trivia, US Map (aka The United Space of America) then Prayers.
If she wakes up in the middle of the night, she gets one lullaby.
I know. I know.
It's just that her brain for some reason is super active and she asks to do a trivia/puzzle exercise. I'm really impressed because she's tired but she needs that tricky question to think about to settle her brain. We're focusing on ordinal numbers now.
Then we have the US Map. She can name 7 states. Once she recalls all her states, she picks another state and I tell her what it is and a fun fact. 
This activity really gives me insight to how her brain works to recall things. For example, one day I pointed to Georgia and she sat there thinking very hard and then she began to try to figure it out outloud. She said, "It's curious." I realized she was correlating George with Curious George.
Watching DS learn has also been fascinating. Just like with my daughter, I sing the vowels (English and romantic language) to him in the AM. He seems to try to sing the last sound each time. He smiles and bubbles with happiness.
He found his hands a month ago and every morning after our sing-a-long, she stares out the window and plays with his hands while I make breakfast or freshen up.
DD and DS seem to be getting along well. I've caught her kissing him and holding his hand. Then again, I've caught her tossing a ball (soft plush) at his head and giggling saying she's playing ball with him.
DH and I are doing well. We miss each other and would like more time together but it also makes us cherish our moments together. Since DS, I think our relationship has even gotten stronger and closer oddly enough. Maybe it's the fact that we are outnumbered and we need to stick together but who knows.
Now this doesn't mean we aren't at each other especially regarding the housework (which has not doubled but tripled). We still have our little fits but we're now at a point where we have our fits, we realize it's just a release and not personal and we move on. We also know that housework will always be there but the important thing is not that the walls are dusted but that the kids are fed, the dogs are walked and we are all doing ok. (Although it would be nice if our entranceway lightbulb was changed already.)