Monday, December 12, 2011

Why can't I look on the lighter side of things?

I have a problem.
I think I'm too literal.
Why can't I look on the lighter side of things?
My husband is good at joking and making light of things. I need to be more like that. 
I think I've always been like that. It toughens me up which is helpful at times but at others, I come off harsh.
For example, it makes me a good person to turn to when your in your twenties and your friends are drunk out of their gourd and one falls ill and you need to go to the hospital and someone needs to be the representative that explain symptoms to the hospital staff.
It's bad when someone needs some empathetic response. 
I think I have good empathy for the most part. I'm just not good at understanding how folks say they feel terrible and can't eat because they can't do anything for so and so. For me, yes you can feel for the person but why feel terrible? Does that help the situation? Does not sleeping or eating because of it make things better for said person? You can do something if you want to. You can pray. 
Because I feel this way, when folks say to me, "I feel bad for so and so." I don't give the response that most folks want. If you are close to me and you say that, my automatic response is, "Do you think so and so wants you to feel bad for them?" They probably don't mean that literally but my response is literal. I need to hold my tongue. Why can't a be more empathetic in this situation?