Friday, December 09, 2011

We Go Duck

During a playmate with one of her best buddies, DD asked him and his mom if they wanted to play Duck, Duck Goose. I swelled with pride. Yes folks, we hit the age where we are starting to learn cooperative gaming and she's initiating it with her friends. I love it.
So we are still learning the basic concepts but my friend and I think we found something awesome within Duck, Duck Goose. Sure the kids are learning to take turns and choosing skills and getting exercise but as parents, we also get to sit and sort of relax while our kids chase each other and are within proximity that we know what they are doing.
See, our kids seem to enjoy picking each other as 'Goose'. There really isn't much anticipation for us parents especially since both kids enjoyed telling us that 'so & so is Goose.' So we sat in the circle and had a typical mom conversation (adult talk adult talk, kid interruptus, engage kid, adult talk, repeat) while our kids ran around us giggling and repeating choosing each other.
Oh and if you haven't heard Justin Robert's 'We Go Duck' from his recent album, Jungle Gym, you should. It's one of DD's favorites.