Sunday, December 18, 2011

The vicious cooking cycle

It's a vicious cycle.
I'm too tired to cook so I ask DH to cook.
He asks me what to cook.
I give him detailed instructions.
3 hours later, dinner is ready.  I love my husband but how does pasta take 3 hours? Fresh pasta doesn't take that long to make!
Bedtime routine is topsy-turvy. I'm hungry and grumpy. The kids are hungry and sleepy and grumpy.
We eat and complete a shortened bedtime routine.
Still exhausted, I come out to relax a bit before having to pump and spy the kitchen.
Nearly every pot and pan is used and sitting on the counter, stove or sink awaiting cleaning.
If I don't clean it now, breakfast time will be awful.
If I clean it now, I incur the wrath of the husband who says, "I thought you were too tired to cook. Why are you cleaning the kitchen?"
I also realize the moment I wipe the counters clean, DS will awake and I will not be able to pump.
Therefore, sometimes it's better to suck up the tired, cook and hope to have a reprieve while pumping.