Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time waits for no person

DH and I are big fans of giving our children as many opportunities to experience life outdoors. We aren't big outdoorsy folks. We are city kids. Outdoorsy means going outside of the apartment, exploring the parks, playgrounds, the subways, the transit system, the museums, the events around us.
We think rain or shine, a daily dose of the outside is healthy and important to growth and development.
Problem is DH and I have a time management deficiency, him more so than me. For me, my OCD and anal retentive tendencies are helpful and a hinderance. For DH, I think he's just a rebel and doesn't believe 'Time waits for no one."
So you can only imagine the agita I get when we have to go somewhere with a time restrictions. Because of this, I try to plan things in the later morning or early afternoon. I'd include late afternoon but naps, witching hours and bedtime routines prohibit this.
My anal retentive self realizes that I'm really slow go getting out of the house so just as my grandfather taught me, the night before, I pack my bags as much as possible and prepare my outfit and develop a loose plan to get myself out of the house as close to on time as possible.
This drives my husband nuts as he says I should relax while I can. I try to explain that if I do this now, I'll be less stressed later. He doesn't get it. (Honey, it's like the dishes. If I do them after dinner, then in the morning, breakfast time goes smoother.)
With a newborn and a preschooler (who is in the "I can do it" stage), preparation is imperative for a smooth and semi-timely exodus.
We needed to get to a show that started at 1pm. I told my husband we needed to be there by 12:45p. {Usually I give myself 30 minutes for family functions & doctor appointments and 15 for miscellaneous events.)
We finally were packed and in the car at………………..

Lord knows how we are going to manage when school starts.