Friday, December 16, 2011

So many cool things to try and see...

Tis the season for this mom to research and see what activities my child may be interested in.
Maybe it's because my dad was a big believer in this. Maybe it's because of what I read. All I know is that I'm a firm believer of allowing a child the opportunity to explore their interests. It allows for great learning experiences and as they get older, they can understand and hone what their true interests are.
At this tender age, learning comes from play and exploration. So DH and I try our best to give our kids as many opportunities to try, see and experience as much as possible.
I'm hitting this point though where it is getting tough. She still is exploring and so there are so many opportunities to try.
I'm big on allowing her free time so I don't overbook her. Still, there are so many things I'm wondering what to do.
She loves her music class. DH has asked we continue it so we plan to continue this class next semester.
It will be the dead of winter so I'd like a physical fitness type of activity to help keep the body limber and also to expend the energy that I know is being bottled up confined indoors. I was pretty much set on a sports exploration class but this evening I walk into my daughter's room to see her doing a tree pose. "Mama, look! I'm a tree. Remember when we did yoga? I want to do yoga with the teacher again."
She took a yoga class over the summer and loved it. So now I'm contemplating yoga for her.
Then I learn about a science exploration club that's starting up and I'm equally intrigued. My daughter has all these science based questions lately and our last experiment involving how a seed grows did not pan out as we had hoped. I have a brown thumb when it comes to plants. I nearly killed an aloe vera plant.
Now don't think I'm overbooking my kid and into rigid structure. I'm not. In fact all the activities my child has taken are staggered and both DH and I make it a point to have free time, quiet time and outdoor time daily as much as possible.
What's a mom to do though? You want your child to explore and experience as much as he/she can and yet balancing this with everything else in life is tricky. Not only am I balancing my to dos, I need to balance the to dos of my child while giving them positive leading by example. Juggle, juggle, juggle.