Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Preschool powered train set

This year we decided to have a small Christmas tree. 1, we don't have the room for our usual behemoth and 2, it gives DD a chance to decorate her own personal tree. DD was ecstatic and started decorating the tree.  She's keen on the cranberry garland and silver bead garland. She even asked to make popcorn garland. I'd consider it except I fear our dog will eat it and in effect knock down the tree.
She picked out which ball ornaments to put on the tree and when I came back I noticed she placed 9 or more ornaments bunched together on the bottom branch of her tree. She's extremely proud of this jenga balance of ornaments.  It makes me smile and we've left it as is. It's actually pretty cool how all those ornaments balance so well.
Although I'd love to have the train around the tree this year, I'm leaning against it. Partly because of the room but also because it's slowly breaking more and more each year. I do plan to include a new train car to my husband's collection as a Christmas gift though and I'm eyeing a special preschool friendly train set that she can run and play with herself. Sure, I know she'll still want to use the electric powered car and be the conductor and engineer.  Who doesn't love that lever and the controls but I think it best to hold off a bit. Tomorrow I may change my mind though and beg my husband to set up his train.