Sunday, December 04, 2011

My newborn can clear a room with his toots

I'm not comparing because that's one thing I made a point to try to avoid but I must say that I really was not expecting the brutal toots that are coming out of my newborn son. Holy moly! My husband said he fears for what smells may emanate from him during his pre-pubescent years but I fear for what might come out of him when he begins solids. Good grief.
With the swaddling, his diaper becomes a stink bomb waiting for the diaper changer to endure. I'm not sure why they are so stinky either. I know that the mother's diet effecting the baby is unsubstantiated but I can also understand how it's perpetuated. You grasp at what appears to be logical, what's ingested effects output. However if what a mother eats effects the output of the child, wouldn't I have a similar response to my input? Sure I have a more mature digestive system but there should be some correlation.
Right now I'm chalking up to immature digestive system and hope it clears itself up as his system matures.