Thursday, December 15, 2011

My daughter has Bieber fever.

My daughter is a musical person. She always has been. Even in utero, she'd bop to the sounds of The Beatles. She was partial to 'Drive My Car'.
So attended her first concert at less than 4 months old.
So this shouldn't shock me that she expresses her opinion on music at such an early age.
She's selective of her music. She's loves her Justin Roberts whom she wanted her younger brother to be named after. She's passed on Raffi and other artists. She's started venturing into pop music now.
She's always been a fan of Queen and can now name several songs and requests them. She even sang Bicycle Race at a recent obstetrician appointment to the amusement of the doctor.
What I didn't expect was that she'd lean immediately to boy bands. I don't play his music but all of a sudden she's requesting Justin Bieber's 'Baby'. We're at the doctor's office and when it's time to pick a sticker she requests Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber stickers. My car window now proudly displays two stickers next to her seat. Is this her first 'poster'? By the way, I have never heard a Jonas Brothers' song. I think she's just attracted to the photo. And now my husband is singing the 'Baby' song. Get ready hubby, I foresee chaperoning to a boy band concert in your near future.