Monday, December 19, 2011

At what age do you stop talking about Christmas plans in front of the kids?

We are hitting this point where DD is aware of Christmas and everything associated with it here in the US. She doesn't understand who Santa is but knows of Santa and has seen Santa. 
She doesn't have a concept that Santa brings gifts. She says Mommy and Daddy bring presents.
She doesn't ask for much which we are so proud of.
We also think this is because we focus on Christmas being a time of giving and being extra kind to folks, family and of Jesus' birthday.
We don't inundate her with gifts and try to keep with the three kings rule in our home, 3 gifts representing the 3 kings gifts to the Holy Family. So far, we've kept it toy, books and clothes.
For us Christmas is more about being together and sharing joy than what's under the tree. Ok, it's also about the train. My daughter loves Daddy's train under the tree.
Even though it's not about the presents, Mommy and Daddy still need to negotiate the presents. So do we speak about it in front of them? The first few years we didn't see it as an issue but now I'm wondering if we are hitting the point where we should try to refrain from the conversations?