Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who's more anxious about me pumping, DH or MIL?

6 Days Old

DH is obsessed with pumping.
He keeps asking me when I'll start pumping.
He asked me that when DS was 1 day old.
Now I know with DD I was obsessed with pumping. I pumped like a pumping fiend. I pumped longer than anyone I know.
It doesn't mean I liked it. I did it because I needed to do it. I wanted to be sure my child had enough milk and I was constantly afraid I wouldn't have enough.  (I wound up with freezers full of milk.)
Honestly, I'd like to nurse for awhile before I have to begin my relationship with the pump again. It's not a thrilling feeling to be hooked up like a cow to a mechanical contraption and watch it suckle at your teets.  Plus, I know trying to find the time to do so while juggling a toddler and a newborn is going to be big fun.
For now, I continue my small goals like I did with DD.  This week's small goal, get DS back to birth weight and work on latch and compressions.  So Hans and Franz will have to wait awhile longer.