Thursday, October 06, 2011

Where are the boy toddler dolls?

I've been wondering if my daughter is ready for the next level of doll ownership.  My answer came this morning.
This morning, my daughter found out our dog ate the face of one of her baby dolls.  This doll looks like a cross breed of Two Face and the weird baby spider from Toy Story.
You'd think a 3 year old would think her world was shattered.
My daughter asked for her doctor's bag and slapped a bandage over the mangled part of the baby doll's face, told us the baby needs quiet and rest and placed her baby doll in his crib, tucked him in and turned the lights off.
I think she's ready for her next doll.
We're not big doll folks but we do have a few.   Most are cloth dolls.  We're concerned about PVC and phthalates and reduce the amount of plastics in our home.  She does have a Corolle and we seem to be happy with the overall company.  They do have plastic parts but the body is cloth.  Plus they follow EU regulations which I'm a bit more comfortable with.
She waited until she was older to avoid any potential gassing issues and she has never been a type to mouth things so I'm a little more at ease with Corolle than others.
I'd love for her to prefer her Waldorf type dolls but let's face it, she's a toddler in the US.
Anyway, she's been asking for a boy doll.  She actually told me all her baby dolls are boys.
Problem is I don't think there are many dolls, let alone Corolles that are toddler boys.  It's very sexist if you think about it.  I'm sure they aren't mony makers but I'm pretty sure there is a  market.