Friday, October 14, 2011


Place looks like a sty.  I can't find crap.
Bag isn't packed.
Husband keeps mentioning how he'll never get anything done.
I'm so done.
So done.
Between 38 weeks to 42 weeks, a man should not start a new goddamn project.
This is his second go around and he's still doing this.
In fact, I feel more alone this time around than #1 and I'm freaking surrounded by a grown adult male, a toddler girl and a toddler dog.
The place a is freaking mess.  I tripped twice and almost slipped once.  My daughter slipped and fell twice.
Does he see anything wrong? No, just that he can't get anything done in the time frame he wants. 
To make matters worse, I've been having to go to the doctors by myself with my daughter and today the stress of it all got to me and my BP was elevated and I had to hear potential bad news by myself.  (Thankfully it turned out good.) Still I'm pregnant and emotional and I'm feeling so terribly alone.
4cm dilated
90% effacement
AFI 14