Monday, October 17, 2011

Thoughts on delivery day

Anyone reading what I was going through the last few days knew it was going to happen soon.

It began at 4:48am.  The back contractions hit and I spent the next 2 hours in a warm bath.
When I felt that lovely poop pressure I knew it was time to go.
We made it to the hospital at 7:35am.
I was already 8cm dilated station 2.
I started pushing at 10:15am.  v3.0 was born at 10:51am.
The ring of fire was fierce.
Felt more now than before.
Was extremely empowering.
Felt like I was in control once I let go of the everyday craziness.
As soon as I realized I had to let it go everything fell into place.

It was just like the reading.  Have no anxieties at all but in prayer and petition make your requests to God and the peace and serenity will surround you.

I used an sketch on the wall of a nursing mother to focus.
Baby boy latched fairly well and rooted well.
We nursed immediately and then again at 2, 4 & 6.
He seems to sleep well and enjoys sounds.  He seems to be in tune with me.  If I'm relaxed he is relaxed.

DD was darling and so mature. She held my hand during the contractions.  She held her brother immediately.
She asked great questions and is just an awesome daughter and sister.
She told DH to drive safe and for me to sit and buckle my seat belt.  She told me that I should breathe and it will be alright.
At the hospital she was smart, inquisitive and compassionate.
She napped well after everything. She was calm when we woke her up.
My brother came to watch DD and keep her company while I pushed.
She loved her present from her brother (a Corolle doll) and was excited to give her brother his present (a baby giraffe).
DH was exhausted but he seemed to be more in tune with me as soon as we were in the hospital.  He was always there and his eyes gave me such support especially when I was scared or mid push.  He'd hold me and encourage me lovingly.
It as weird texting and tweeting during labor but  it kept me calm and allowed me to let my body relax and open my station quickly.
It was as if I had a network of folks cheering me on electronically.
I visualized opening and relaxing and knew that every contraction ended after a Hail Mary and an Our Father.
The sound of DS' heartbeat also relaxed me tremendously.
The most empowering moment for me was when I made the decision to press forward contraction or no.  I made the decision. I knew my body was ready and I was strong enough to do it.
I was also grateful to see the doctor who delivered DD was on call and would be delivering DS.

Afterwards I was so jazzed and empowered I walked around the maternity ward and allowed my uterus to contract more.
I can feel the contractions as I type these thoughts.  They are like cramps now. It's more annoying than painful.

The nurse met me as I rounded the bend and she said she was looking for me.
DS is sleeping well and doesn't mind noises either.  He seems to be inquisitive and wants to know what sounds are when he is awake.
He had a serious poop (3 big quantities in one diaper change).
No pee change for me yet but I'm sure it will be soon.
On the subject of too much information, speaking of pee, I have pee anxiety.  I know I have a full bladder but it's just not coming.  Well finally tonight after everyone left I was able to get a good pee going.
My night nurse told me to relax and I visualized my uterus contracting.  This helped get me ready to go.