Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pile on that Mommy guilt

9 days old
I'm not sure if this is the regression you read about amongst siblings or what.  DD is all kinds of funky and is in a major mood.
DH and I decided a few nights ago in a completely organic fashion that splitting nighttime parenting would be the best means of survival.  So for the past three nights DH has been focusing on the bedtime routine with DD while I tackle nighttime parenting for DS.
I'll admit, I miss doing the bedtime routine with DD but I know this is temporary.
I've had to let go of our routine and DD has had to adjust to a new routine with DH.
Maybe that's what it is and it's not regression.  I honestly don't think my DD is the type.  I know to expect some minor adjustment but I believe I know my daughter enough to say with certainty that she's been awesome and extremely excited and mature with siblinghood.
I wonder about regression because she's been waking up 3-4 times a night with DH and screaming for nursing.
It's probably more of a new routine and missing me more than anything else.  It's not like she can nurse with DH.
Of course this doesn't make me feel any better.