Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I can grow people.

4 oz gain in 2 days equals breastfeeding empowerment
Holy Moly, there is nothing like seeing your baby grown with the help of your breastmilk to make you feel like you can do anything.
Walking down Central Park West with my newborn in my hands, I had a Cheshire Cat grin knowing I'm helping my baby grow with all natural breast milk.
Today was his first sponge bath home.  I know it took us awhile.  In all honesty, the strength and energy to bath two kids was at a low and we figured the child that runs around and rolls around in dirt and whatnot took priority when it came to deciding who gets a bath.
Oh and I lost my phone somewhere in my child's room.  Any parent will tell you this is a daunting thing.  There are a million cubbies in my child's room and she has a tendency to 'put things away' in boxes and bags and what not.  She's like me in that respect.  Problem 1 was I lost it in her room somewhere.  Problem 2 was I turned off the ringer and vibrate as I lost it during bedtime. Problem 3 was it only had 43% battery life left. Problem 4 I was extremely sleep deprived when I lost it and cannot trace my steps back (I'm crazy weird and can retrace my steps with high accuracy when I'm at my peak form.) I was juggling bedtime for DD and nursing DS at the same time and Problem 5 My daughter likes to put things away in bags and boxes. Problem 6 She's been out of it and can't recall if she took it. 
Still I"m taking it in stride and haven't panicked…….yet.

On the same day DS received his first sponge bath at home, he also received his first shower.  Is it just me or are baby boys more apt to pee and poop themselves than baby girls?  Since he's been born, I've had to change his clothes at least twice because he peed on himself or poop went up his back. I've used more wipes and wet gauze to wipe him down than I recall with my daughter.  I'm also hand washing and pre-treating stains on a nightly basis.

His first shower consisted of DH holding him up while I gently rinsed his bottom with the spray nozzle in the kitchen sink.

Oh and my son is a pooping machine.  I can't explain how many times this kid poops.  His first poop on day zero of life was a three popper.  Every time I wiped his bottom, more came out.  It was like a soft serve machine.

Oh we've also hit the umbilical cord smell phase. It's an awful smell.  DH couldn't take it anymore and as soon as it was just hanging by a thread, he took it off.

DD is taking to being a sister and her new role in our family.
She tells me when DS is crying or pooping. She tucks in DS and gingerly puts his blanket over him in his swing. She read Sammy the Seal to DS. She also asks to help with baths and diaper changes.