Saturday, October 29, 2011

Foot rubs

Today we have confirmation of a fever.  We also had our first simultaneous wake up. Both DD and DS woke up crying.  It was a thrilling wake up for both DH and myself.
The hardest part for me is I know that breastmilk will ease my daughter's discomfort but because this virus is contagious, I need to stay away from her.  I'm contemplating pumping and giving some to her to not only soothe her throat but to also give her added immunities.  We'll see how long this virus sticks around.  Something tells me that it shouldn't last too long.
I've been giving her soothing baths and back rubs with aromatherapy. She seems calmer and more at ease after the massages. I'm a big fan of massages especially during illness. It reminds me of my maternal grandmother. She was this 84 lbs woman who could give a mean massage when I was ill.
At night, she's been asking DH to rub her feet.  Apparently this is now becoming more and more routine.  I find it kind of humorous especially since DH isn't a foot fan.