Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day Two: Discharge Day

It's sad when you don't look forward to discharge day.  Ok, I look forward to it but I also know that it's the end of just taking care of myself and my newborn son.
For this mom, a hospital stay post partum has become a mamacation.  At least at the hospital, I didn't have to worry about anyone but myself and BB.  I could focus my attention on learning about BB.
I personally like Day Two to be a quiet day with low visitors.  I don't mind 1 or 2 but I feel at at hospital when you have more than 4 people in your room, it's way too much when you are running on very little sleep.  I have been trying to be more open though as I know that the next few weeks will be crazy and folks may not understand the need and desire to have some privacy.
Still, Day two is also a very hard day for mom and baby.  Why?  Because day two is usually the day that your newborn child realizes that he/she is no longer in the comforts of your uterus.  They have been calling that home for 10 months now and they are someplace foreign.  This is the first day of many where your newborn will especially need birth bonding and will stick to you like glue. 
Personally I think it's one of the most important days of the first week.  Along with immediate skin to skin and nursing post delivery, day two helps forge that bond and trust even more so between mother and child.
Naturally all this skin to skin and cuddling means the loss of sleep for mom.  This is the night that your child will stick to you and prefer to sleep in your arms.  And so after kindly kicking folks out of my room, I hunkered down for a long night of holding my newborn, nursing and channel surfing.
At the home front, DH said it was a similar situation where TG woke up several times.  This was the second night her nighttime routine was rocked and naturally I'm guessing she was wondering when it would return back to normal.  I hope to be able to share her nighttime routine by the end of the week.  We'll see.
It was a rainy windy day for discharge but that's ok.  The rain and crisp air felt nice.
We weren't able to take any photos like we did with TG.  Partly because we didn't want to get our camera wet and partly because we were juggling a newborn and toddler and various bags and strollers and a new infant car seat which by the way has levels.  How awesome is that!
DH did take a photo of the gas prices like we did when TG came home.
We came home and I tried to settle as best I could amidst the chaos of a topsy turvy home.  I think I did as best as I could under the circumstances.
Now I must rest. TG has been great but I also have a toddler who has been slowly testing her limits again as her routine has been rocked for a third day.  I also have the newborn who has a new environment to acclimate to.
Note: Newborn isn't keen on dog licking.  Heck, I don't blame him.  I'm not keen on it myself.