Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day Three: First Full Day Home

Today is my first full day home with the family.  It's the day we try to learn and build a routine together.
It's the day I like to call the family bonding day.
We made this a no visitor day so that we could leisurely and openly learn and bond.
It started out with TG coming in to greet BB and I.  We were in bed nursing-in and enjoying the sun rising.
The day was not a day without stress.  Like with anything new, there were bumps but we made it through together.  The added bump was the fact our home is still extremely topsy turvy.
I'm hoping that most of the disorganization (at least the outer disorganization) will be cleared today.
It's the kind of disorganization in which you just have to buckle down, concentrate on one thing at a time and just go for it.  When you can accomplish one task, it gives you the fuel to continue to the next.  
It was hard work, especially as I'm still very sore but I refrained from over exerting myself and congratulated myself for small accomplishments to fuel the mini-tasks I set out for myself.
We ended the day with a nice meal and some cuddling.  In the middle of the night, TG asked to sleep with us and so we had a family bed in.  DH, TG, BB and I and even Tasha the dog were together.  DH placed a small rug next to the bed to allow Tasha to sleep nearby.  This was a real treat for her and I think she knew it.  She didn't leave the rug and didn't dare make a sound except for the sound of a snoring coming from a restful night's sleep.
I think everyone enjoyed the sleep however little or more we each received as we all woke up smiling and greeting each other in a very pleasant way.