Friday, October 21, 2011

Day Four: The Leaky Boob

Today is the second full day home together.  We're still trying to become accustomed to each other and meshing our routines.
Today is also the day my milk starting coming in.  Big fun.  So now I'm not only swollen down below, I'm engorged up above.  Sexy.
Today is the day we start venturing out.  We had a day to try to settle in a little and now we're adding the lovely bonus of going outdoors.  I personally think this is a good idea not only for the parents mental health but also for the newborn who needs natural sunlight.  It also helps to avoid claustrophobia.
Today was the first time I packed a diaper bag for a toddler and a newborn.  I forgot what it was like to pack the bag.  Unlike the past where I planned everything, I winged it again.  I forgot the toddler snacks but that's ok.  DH forgot the portable potty.  More on that later.
The one thing I've been telling myself for this pregnancy was to let go.  So I'm trying.
We had a pediatrician appointment at 3pm so I decided 2pm would be a good time to start getting the family dressed.  Well, I thought it was a bit late but to be honest a wave of postpartum sleepiness hit me like a tidal wave.  So from 1:30-2:15p, TG, BB and I snuggled in bed and had a nurse-in.  TG was loving it.  She cuddled next to me and pulled her blanket up and gently hugged her brother.
I finally found the energy to get up and I began with the letting BB know that TG and I would get dressed first and then come back to help him get dressed.
I think it's important to show TG that BB isn't the priority all the time so when possible I try to put her first in our to do lists.
We got TG dressed and then I took the opportunity to get dressed as well.  Now, that didn't mean I got to change my clothes.  No, getting dressed these days means I slapped on some deodorant and put some nursing pads on.  Still this was a big accomplishment.  I'm usually the last on my list and today I put myself in the middle.
I shoved a bunch of clothes and diapers in the diaper bag and by that time, DH made it home.
He packed the kids in the stroller, bundled BB figuring that he really doesn't need to get dressed as he's swaddled most of the time and we were running 20 minutes behind schedule.  He put our dog in her home and we beelined to the doctors.
The rush of cold, crisp autumn air felt great but the my soreness was still something to contend with.  I used the stroller as walker.
Juggling the baby, toddler and grown up paperwork at the pediatrician's was a sight to behold.  At one point the front desk clerk asked me my first name and I couldn't remember it.  I joked that you can tell that I gave birth this week and she smiled and giggled.
Thankfully God was looking out and DH found a parking spot right in front of the doctor's office.
The check ups went great and TG was phenomenal with her flu shot.  I was so proud of her.
She expressed that it was scary but that she knew it was to help her build her immunities.  Every day she amazes me with her growing maturity and knowledge.
DH had a great idea of having TG and I spend some time at her favorite museum, AMNH, while he beelined home to pick up the portable potty.
He dropped us off and we walked around and explored the museum.
I was glad to spend some mother-daughter bonding time especially since her last week was rocked but I will admit walking around for an hour and chasing after a toddler was hard physically.  Not only were my breasts filling up, my crotch was on fire.
I powered through though knowing it could be worse and we visited the jellyfish, bison, mountain goats and pronghorns.  We even double backed and said goodbye to all the animals we saw before exploring Teddy Roosevelt Park.  TG heard the sound of an instrument and we went exploring to find where it came from (south) and what type of instrument it was (brass-saxophone).
DH met us on Columbus and we did a quick potty break for TG and then beelined to meet Uncle D & Aunt J for dinner.
It was going to cut into bedtime but I felt we needed a break.  We met at a family favorite and in a strange but soothing moment, I spent the evening under a painting of a nursing Peruvian mother, nursing my own child.  BB didn't stir a bit.  He slept or nursed for most of the meal and only stirred when it was time for us to head home.  The conversation was great and the food was delicious.  
We left a little over the meltdown period of TG but it was ok.
We made it home and in some SuperMom move, I was able to bath TG, nurse BB and get the bedtime routine going for TG before DH came home.  Oh and I was able to sneak in a teeth brushing and face wash for myself!  Go me!
It was nice to be able to be a part of her bedtime routine again and to bring a little more 1 on 1 time with TG back into play.
I came outside and although the place was still disheveled, it was a manageable disorganization.  DH looked pooped.  We sat semi-cuddled on the couch for 20 minutes before he went to bed and BB woke up.
Now I'm spending the night focusing on latching techniques and sleep.  I'm squeezing in a nap or two in between for me too.  Dishes and laundry can wait tonight.