Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 10: Juggling Parenting

DS and I have been doing a nurse-in in bed.  Trying to ramp up his growth and solidify latching.  It also is great for bonding, of course.
I forgot about the nurse-ins.  I recall how common it was during newbornhood and how they picked up during growth spurts.
We started another organic pattern.  Every morning, during my am nurse-in, DD comes in and lays next to us and chills until she says, "My tummy hurts.  Can I have some French toast?"  We are starting to learn and differentiate between a tummy hurts because I'm hungry, tummy hurts because of poops or tummy hurts because I don't feel well.
Oh and I'm coming to the realization that I'm going to have to let go of potty wiping soon.  I'm going to have to suck it up and trust her to do a good job on wiping. For the most part she is really good with it but I'm just not there yet with not doing the 'let's make sure' wipe.
I know this is all me not her. She's ready. I'm not. I don't think DH is ready either but at some point in order to allow her to grow and to build her self esteem, I have to move on. Plus, she's been consistently going to the potty without telling us these days.
Oh, we figured out that she's not regressing; she's sick.  Her first real illness came 10 days physically appeared 10 days after her brother's birth.  She has the coxsackievirus.  Joy of joy.  Thankfully it's only manifested itself so far with a fever and a rash on her foot, butt, hand and face.  No sores within her mouth so far thankfully.
Aside from being grumpy, she's been a trooper.
DH and I have had to enact quarantines and explain how she has germs that we need to keep away from her baby brother as he is still building his immunities. She's been understanding and aside from the occasional, I want Mommy, she's been good.
So DH has been hanging out with DD while I nurse-in with DS.