Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sibling bonding starts early

Tot is really taking to the belly, well, until it gets in her way, like cuddling and being kicked while she's napping.
Every morning, she greets her sibling and says good morning.
She likes to rub the belly, talk to the belly, wash the belly, rub lotion on the belly and kiss the belly.
She especially likes watching it move and will hit it gently to watch it move.  She finds it funny.
When we cuddle and she's napping against it and it moves, she'll wake up peeved that her sibling kicked her.  I find it kind of funny.
I'm glad though she seems to be understanding and excited about it all.  She thinks the umbilical cord is like a jump rope and the belly button is how the baby breathes and will be where he/she comes out.   I'm not ready to explain that part to her.