Thursday, September 22, 2011

The one where I talking about peeing while pregnant.

There is a lonliness to pregnancy.
There is also a very public private nature to it but I've spoken about that.
Today I'm talking about the lonliness a woman can feel because it's so personal and unique.  The people that should be very intimate about it are the mother and father of the child but it's the mother that has the first hand account of it.
No matter how much you try to explain it to your spouse, he/she will never truly understand and empathize.
There are good things and not so good things.  I can't say there are bad things because I truly believe pregnancy is a blessing and is a natural sacrifice.
Here are some things that are absolutely quirky about pregnancy:
1. You will pee when you sneeze, when you laugh to hard, when you stand up after you just peed,etc.  Pack extra underpants.
2. Sometimes you'll need to still wear liners or pads.  I'm not going to go into the lovely colors that you may see either.
3. Your body will do the wackiest things and you will not be able to explain them to anyone.  The other day I slept with my left side semi elevated because I could feel a charley horse approaching.
4.  There will be times when you cannot sit, stand, walk or lay down without feeling discomfort.  The balance ball is my best friend right now.  Unfortunately the best position for me on that thing is laying on it with my ass up in the air.  Sexy.
5.  Did I mention the peeing?
6.  There will be times when you try to pee because you feel like you have to pee but your baby is in a position that makes sitting on the toilet extremely uncomfortable.  The other day I was leaning to the side of the toilet because I just couldn't find a comfortable position to do my business.
7.  There will be times where you feel like you could jump your spouse.  These times are usually at the most inconvenient times.
No wonder I'm feeling lonely.  I wouldn't want to be around me either with all this peeing and what not. LOL