Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mommy's To Do List

Here is my wishlist of to dos I would like done before ToF comes.
As most parents will attest, most of these items will not come to fruition but one can dream:

  • Photos of ToF in utero
  • Completion of Photo Album for TG's 2nd year (I know. I know.)
  • Replace Baby Swing (I know I missed the big trade in.)
  • Wash baby clothes (Ok, I need to get the baby clothes first.)
  • Preliminary draft for birth announcements (Yes, I still do these.)
  • Finalize names (It was tough for #1 but even tougher for #2 for various reasons.)
  • Stock up on diapers (Let my prime membership lapse.  Darn.)
  • Buy going home outfit.
  • Complete registration packet at the pediatricians for #2. (I don't even have a name yet, what do you think my priority on this is?  I know it has to be bumped up though to guarantee a spot with TG's pediatrician.)
  • Finalize Daddy gift. (Yes, I get him a gift.)
  • Complete my admission packet. (Surprisingly it's a low priority item for me.)
  • Purchase TG's gift. (She's going to be a big sister. That's a big deal.)
  • Purchase Halloween costume for TG and ToF.  (I'm not crazy and have decided I will not make their costumes this year.  That's just too much.)
  • Watch the past season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. (DH Date kind of thing.)
  • Remind doctor of birth plan. (I just keep pushing this aside during our visits.)
  • Buy myself a present. (It's my birthday/I deserve it thing.)
Please don't even tell me I should delegate.  You'll make me pee myself.