Monday, September 19, 2011

Making my list, checking it twice

I don't recall the nesting instinct kicking in with #1 but I think it may be coming in for #2.  That or the change in seasons just lead to me working towards getting things ready for #2.
I cleared out the summer clothes for the fall clothes for #1 and started making my list of things to buy for #1 and #2 for the coming season.
Honestly, I don't think I buy as much clothes for myself as I do for the kids.  Kids grow so quickly too that I really search for items that will last the season and maybe the next season.  I'm a huge fan of Hanna's because of that.  Yes, they are more expensive but they really do last and many of their items are organic which makes the crunchy mommy in me very happy.
I figure with #2, we'll go the same route as #1.  We'll keep #2 in kimonos for the first month or two.  There really is no need to get newborns fully dressed as they spend most of their time swaddled, peeing, pooping and eating.  Fully dressed just means more laundry, more snaps, etc.
I think we'll probably get long sleeves kimonos since it will be chiller.  Maybe I should get some short sleeves too since the apartment is rather warm.