Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Chicken!

So my kid is a lover of music.  She loves all music.  We make it a point to introduce different genres and discuss the difference in rhythms and instruments.
DH decided to introduce her to old school hip hop recently.  She now frequently requests Run DMC's Tricky.
She doesn't think it's 'Tricky' though.  She thinks it's called 'Chicken' and it's a song about 'Chicken' and eating it.
The first time I heard her 'rap' her 'Chicken' song, I think I peed alittle.  (I'm sure being really really pregnant had something to do with it too.)
It wasn't easy to figure out Tricky was Chicken, let me tell you.
I think I burned some synapses trying to correlate.  When we got it though boy were we rewarded with an awesome song and dance.  I only wish I had an implanted video camera to records these moments.