Tuesday, September 06, 2011

In my head

Wake up...
Did my toddler get the appropriate amount of sleep?
What should I make for breakfast for everyone?
Why do I have to always think of what to make for breakfast?
I wonder what my toddler will pretend to be today?
I wonder what DH is doing now?
Is the fetus moving?  Good.  Good morning, fetus.
Good morning, toddler.
She doesn't want milk this morning.  Natural weaning kind of nice.
Remind toddler to brush her teeth and wash her face.
I have to get up and wash my face.

In the bathroom…
I need to wipe down the sink.
Mental note: Buy new toothbrush for tot.
I wonder what DH is doing now?  It's awfully quiet but I know he's not going to walk the dog until I'm outside in the kitchen multi-tasking.
Will I be ok if we don't take the photos I've been asking for for two weeks?  Will I be ok with that and not be bitter?

In the bedroom…
I'm pretty sure if I left the trash in the bedroom it would stay until the stench of dirty diapers is permanently etched in the trash bin. 
Animal Baby Magazines is pretty basic but the photos are adorable, even of a mouse eating blueberries.

In the kitchen…
I'm getting tired of having to worry about eats for everyone.  Every day it's what's for breakfast and empty the dishwasher.  Argh…  What is DH doing?
We have a shared Google Calendar we use to put important schedules and events so we can both see them on our phone and computer.  I swear I probably am the only one who finds this useful.  Why do I keep populating it?
Why is it when I make a statement about how I'm tired of being the troop leader I get the response, I'll take the child away so you can do your thing in peace.  I don't want you to take the child away.  I want to not have to be the damn troop leader every freaking day.

In the living room…
Why is it so odd that I have no plans or ideas for the day?  Could it be that I am tired of being disappointed by plans/ideas not coming to fruition?  Man if I don't get these photos done, I'm going to be really pissy.
My kid loves music.  It could be the 1-800-CARS-4KIDS ad and she stops in her tracks to listen and sing or bop.
Why is it me researching and coordinating things?  If I'm not sending e-mails to remind folks to do stuff, I feel like things wouldn't get done unless it was for self-interest.
I need a wife or a robot wife.

Ooh, Ice Cream.