Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I need to stop running the marathon & enjoy what's around me.

I know that at time I can be a bit of a grumpy Eeyore.  I'm matter-of-fact and less optimistic than I should be.
I try and I guess I can try harder to not be so much like that and to think on the bright side of life more often.
I think I'm kind of spreading it to my husband and that's a big wake up call.
My husband by no means is sunshine and lollipops.  He's probably more matter-of-fact than I am.  But lately I feel like my being so busy has lead me to not stop and smell the roses.  This in turn makes me appear to be a gloomy gus because I'm so busy doggy paddling that a wave or a stick hitting me veers me off course.
So I'm going to try to be more open to the occasional pebbles and sticks that I may hit swimming upstream.
I know it won't be easy but I need to remind myself to backfloat for a little while and enjoy the scenery if not for me but for my family.