Monday, September 12, 2011

Everyone needs a Pot to their Kettle

"You need to let it go." said a friend as I was venting how short my rope felt.
<br>I know she is right and I know she is the one person who is like me and can commiserate.
<br>She was responding to the fact that even as I was venting to her my work emails were knee deep, my text messages were blowing up and my phone (cell and landline) were ringing simultaneously.
<br>I'm Mrs. Reliable.  I'm Mrs. Knows-Where-To-Get-The-Answers.  I'm Mrs. Fix-It.  I'm Mrs. Vent-To-Me-I'll-Just-Listen.
<br>I'm not tooting my horn.  Honest.  Take the job, please.
<br>"And you know you are just perpetuating this." said Pot to the Kettle.
<br>She's probably the only person that can tell me that and I wouldn't be offended.
<br>Once you become the goto person though how do you step out of that role and would you want to?