Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Attaching to Daddy

There comes a point in a girl's life where her Dad can do no wrong.  When holding his hand is the safest place you can be.  Where sitting in the car listening to tunes, driving around with your Dad can be the best thing.  For me it started when I was around 3 years old.  I recall the sticky faux leather red bench seats of his car.
I remember seeing my Dad in the front driving and singing along with me.  I remember walking down the block and reaching out for his hand.  I recall swinging our hands front and back as we walked.  I remember being curled up on the couch reading with him or pretending to read the newspaper with him.
I think my daughter may be headed towards that milestone.
For the longest time, it's been Momma for everything.  Momma for bedtime.  Momma for eats.  Momma for storytime.  Momma for boo boos.  Momma for potty time.  Momma for bathtime.
It got to a point where my husband would sometimes joke that he was second fiddle.  I think it hurt a little.  It hurt me to see her kick him out of the bedroom when it came time for bedtime or when she'd cry saying she'd want him to leave the bedroom so she could stay with Momma.
Slowly we're seeing more requests for Daddy.  Daddy rubs her back.  Daddy helps her with the bath.
Mommy is still the potty person though.  <i>How did that happen?</i>
It's nice to see the development.  It's natural and is at her pace.
It's also nice to see this now as we hit the final stretch of pregnancy #2.  To see her grow in independence and development and strengthen her attachments to her parents is really calming and uplifting.
Yes I still have the wonders of how I'm going to be able to juggle all the plates but I also know that things will work out.