Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Theatre Tot

Being New Yorkers, you wouldn't be surprised our child has attended and experience live theatre numerous times already.  She has seen many different genres and enjoys most.
We spent the weekend attending a few shows, WiseAcre Farms and The Yellow Brick Road.  Both have a small cast.

WiseAcre Farms is playing at the 13th Street Rep.  It's a small theatre and the show asks for audience participation.  We entered the theatre and she asks, "Why are the lights off?"  What she means by that is why are the  house lights off?  She's seen enough performances to know that the house lights remain up until the show starts.  I chuckled.
She's been to small venues before but I suppose she's older now and has more questions.
She wasn't keen on the audience participation in this show but she did enjoy talking to the characters afterwards.  She was especially keen on the dog, O'Connor.  TG has named this show, the 'Scared Doggie show'.
It's recommended for kids 3-5.  Runtime is less than 40 minutes.

The Yellow Brick Road is the summer production at the Lucille Lortel Theater by TheatreWorks USA.  As with all TheatreWorks USA productions, it was a highly entertaining show with ingenuitive sets and use of their cast.
It's for an older children's crowd but it offered a nice indoor reprieve from the humidity. 
It's a Latin inspired retelling of the Wizard of Oz.  It's peppered with Spanish but most New Yorkers will understand and even learn something new.
The sound was a bit loud for our daughter and she kept her hand covering her ears most of the time but she seemed to like it.  She did label it the 'Thunder' Show as the wicked witch is accompanied by thunder and a loud cackle.
It's a 65 minute show which seems perfect for children.  If you are in NY and have kids who enjoy theatre, I recommend checking it out.  It's recommended for kids 7 and up but younger kids will enjoy it as well.  There are a few scary scenes (the witch scenes) and the sound can be a bit loud for kids with sensory sensitivities.