Thursday, August 18, 2011

Should I be nesting now?

With #1, I didn't think I was nesting but apparently I was in a way.
With #2, I honestly don't feel the nesting vibe.
Nesting is that lovely point in the 3rd trimester where you have the compulsion to do zany things like, clean the kitchen cabinets inside and out, etc...
You'd think I'd be prepping but I'm really not partly because I have enough to do already and two, I dread asking for help.
Mostly, it's I have too much to do already and I really can't think about doing anything else right now.
My todo list keeps growing and my time keeps growing shorter and shorter.
I'd like to do many things but I'm also afraid to rock the boat.
I had a very hard time during my fourth trimester last time and although I can't say it will be relived, I'm having a hard time shaking it.
That's why I'm not planning.
I planned and was the good girl scout for #1.  I made meals to last us months.  I had each station ready.
Now, I'm just going to get the stations ready and wing it.
Call me cocky or naive or even in the been-there-done-that mode.  I just don't want to work myself up preparing for the unexpectedly.  And let's be honest, parenting is the unexpected.  Heck being a parent to a newborn and an infant is a constant tightrope walk.  Parenting is the hardest job you will ever have.  Parenting a newborn and infant is an insane job that tests you physically, psychologically and emotionally.  Maybe I'm in denial that we're jumping into the craziness of newborn parenting again.