Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Fuse

Not to be sexist but women do way too much but we need to because the world would stop on its axis if we didn't.
Perhaps it's the way society is or maybe it's a physiological thing but why is it that it's perfectly fine for a woman to be a caregiver, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a cook, a worker bee, a household manager, etc?
Men can be some of these things but rarely do you see men be all of these things and be those things simultaneously.
Women aren't expected but it's acceptable to be all of these things at once.
We keep the doctor's schedules.
We keep the family calendars.
We plan and pack for excursions.
We plan and cook the meals.
How the heck did this all fall on our shoulders?
If we don't do these things, things sort skirt by but eventually it falls.
For everything we do remember to pack, we forget that one thing.
I'd love to be able to just do whatever I wanted to do and say, eh, whatever.
Now I suppose I've put this upon myself.
Mom forgot the snacks.
Mom forgot the camera.
Mom forgot the map.
Heck, it wouldn't be Mom forgot if it wasn't Mom somehow placed in charge of packing everything for everyone.
Now I'm not saying that things will change because I know they won't and I'm not expecting accolades or even palm leaves fanning me as a I'm carried on an elephant feeding me grapes dangling from his/her tusk.
I just don't understand this all started.
I know it's not one-sided.   I know I'm perpetuating this but come on.
You think cavewomen had this same issue or did the clubbing on the head quash this?