Friday, August 19, 2011

Phil 4:6

I'm not naive to think parenting another child will be like parenting the first child.  Every child, every person is different and unique.  What works for one person doesn't work for another.
So you'd think I'd be trying to prepare a little more.
I'm not.  So much happened not just with the newborn the first time around that I, the ever-loving be prepared girl scout, refuse to prepare.  Maybe then, just maybe then, when things hit the fan or when the unexpected happens, I won't be thrown for a loop as much.
What's funny about that is most people know me as the person that goes with the flow.  At work I'm the person to make the project plans and is amending and adjusting as needed.  At home I'm planning too but I'm always working on the backup plans.  And what drives probably everyone around me who truly knows me is how I'm in constant plan mode.
That's why my cavalier attitude for #2 is so funny.  Perhaps this is what makes #2s more apt to roll with the punches.  Isn't that what they say in the psych journals regarding birth order?
Perhaps this will mean #2 will be more like my husband.  We'll still be outnumbered (2 kids:2 adults is outnumbered) but maybe, just maybe I'll be more lax and easygoing.