Monday, August 01, 2011

Late Night Toddler Tantrum. Joy.

We had a rough night last night.
It started during the day as most things with a toddler.
A friend's birthday party kicked it all off.  It was a blast.  They served hot dogs and cake with refined sugar frosting.  TG isn't a fan of hot dogs so she skipped on the hot dogs and asked for a bun instead.  Then the cupcakes came out and she pushed the frosting away and ate the cake.  Then a pinata came out and she deftly and I mean deftly picked through the goodies on the floor and found the pure chocolate pieces and placed them in her goodie bag.
Usually I bring eats for her but since we were so close to home, I decided to make it a light day today.  Of course, my daughter kept asking for food.  Mental note: Always pack food for your kid.
Aside from her breakfast, eggs, this was what was fueling my child all morning.
The party was really sweet.  Seeing each kid's personalities come through with the pinata and the festivities was cute and interesting.  One kid stayed by the food table the entire time.  Another one just wanted to go home.  Another one didn't want to play the games and just hid in a tree.  Mine, kept asking every adult within earshot when can we sing Happy Birthday.
The big event came and everyone started singing at different times.  What does my daughter do?  She tells everyone, "Wait. Wait. Wait.  Let's start together."  Either my kid like order or she was expecting three part harmony from her friends.  Either case, she has high expectations of her fellow 3 year olds.
They started again and it ended in a rousing hand of applause.
She snacked on her cupcake passing on the additional frosting bags, like father like daughter.
Then she grabbed her goodie bag and turned to me and asked to go home for lunch and quiet time.
We headed home and had lunch together and then quiet time.  I suppose the am diet and the festivities led to a no nap but quiet time afternoon.
I of course took advantage of the quiet time and had a cat nap next to her as she played with her Matroyska robots.
Finally, TG said it was time to end quiet time because she had to poop.  I'm glad she asks before she ends her quiet time.  She bee lined to the bathroom, did her business and we moved on to arts and crafts.
By 6pm, I knew it was time for dinner and a quick bedtime.  She was acting up like I've never seen.  It was like textbook of an overtired child.  She barely ate her dinner and we just went straight to bed.  Stories, yogurt, teeth brushing, face washing and prayers took twice as long as she had two meltdowns.  DH even helped me with bedtime routine and it took that long.  At one point, DH had to pick her up and bring her outside of the bedroom to calm her down.
It took two hours for her to finally settle down and fall asleep.  She was so overtired all she did was pee and sing.  I'm not joking.  It was like Mortimer.  She didn't kept singing.  When she finished singing, she bee lined to the bathroom to pee.  Two flipping hours of this!
She finally passed out just about the time I was about to lose my schmidt.
It was so bad, I wound up making the oatmeal cookies that TG mixed in the mixer in the afternoon.  Usually we make cooking projects two parters as I feel I don't have patience (notice I said I not the toddler) to complete a cooking project in one full day.
I made the cookies and had a nice batch of piping hot toasted oatmeal cookies.
The rest of the night though was pretty textbook for an overtired child and DH took charge.  The entire night, the entire night was spent dealing with a toddler who kept waking up every sleep cycle pissed at the fact she fell asleep. 
If you have never seen a pissed off toddler, you must be childless.
Holy heavens, a pissed off 3 year old at 4am is not a fun thing.
This morning, DH looked like he went into battle and was creamed.
We met with some other parents and it seems like something was in the air last night because kids who normally don't have tantrums, like TG, were having a time of it last night.
I'm going to blame the diet and the dog days of summer.
TG finally became fully awake at 10am, long after church.
I think today is going to be a quiet day for everyone in our building.  We may have a cranky kid get together for a break but our plan to go to a show is nixed.