Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm feeling good.

We've hit a point in our nursing relationship that I'm pretty comfortable with our slow progression towards weaning.  We're nursing still which I think is a big plus not only for her health but our relationship.  We generally nurse in the evening and early morning and it doesn't last more than 30 minutes.
I don't restrict it but it just seems to naturally fall to this pattern.
Because we are letting this progression happen naturally, I'm quite comfortable with my daughter saying to me, "No milk now.  Thanks."
I wondered how I'd feel about that but I'm ok.  I actually am pretty proud of her making the decision on her own.
I'm ready and she's ready and that's what makes this works.
I can't stand when folks try to pressure of force folks because of their thoughts and beliefs.  
Parenting is so unique.  Each relationship, mother and child, father and child, child and child is special and not cookie cutter.
Folks need to do what works for them.
I'm also thinking about #2, ToF.  I remember wondering what my relationship would be like with TG.   I'm beginning to wonder now about my relationship with ToF which signals to me I'm starting the third trimester.  
I know whatever it may be it is rooted in love and with God's help we will have a relationship as special and as rooted in love as my relationship with TG.
I'm not focused on the loss of my relationship now but more on the expansion and the blessing and the gift.
I feel good.  I feel excited and honored.  It's not going to be easy but no parent ever says parenting is easy.  But it's going to be another blessing come true and another chance to be a part of life and God's plan.