Monday, August 22, 2011


Mama Guilt is so strong and prevalent.  You read a lot about Mama Guilt.  Is there such as thing as Daddy Guilt and does it eat away at Fathers like it does Mothers?
I suppose this particular guilt is my doing.  I chose a profession that involves strange hours.  At least I like what I do.
Essentially today's guilt comes from the fact that my 3 year old daughter had her plans changed because of a work emergency causing me to spend practically my whole day working.  She didn't get upset.  She understood and that's what's killing me.
In between calls and emails, I made her eats and checked on her as she played with her toys and books.  At one point she said, "Thank you TG for being so patient."
I gave her a great big squeeze and said, "Thank you TG for being so patient.  Mama appreciates it and is so proud of you."
My kid has the patience beyond a 3 year old.
And that folks is why I feel guilt today.
I'm putting out fires at work, thankfully at a job I like but my plans with my toddler were blown out the water and she's ok with it.
It's ridiculous, feeling guilt that I like my job.  I think it makes me a better person and yet I feel awful about it.  I suppose that's the type of guilt guys don't relate to because it makes no sense.