Saturday, August 06, 2011

Blue, Purple, Green

My MIL once told my husband that no one can make you feel anything.
I suppose those were wise words for a boy growing up.
I'm sure one day I may the say something simliar to my child.

Fact is though, I'm human and this woman does feel and people can make her feel things, good and bad.
Sometimes I wish I can just scream out, "Stop making me feel like S*&%!"
I know if I do, one, I'll look like a lunatic and 2) I'll get an ever helpful response of, "No one can make you feel like S(&^$.  You are the only one that can make you feel like s%#*."
Well, you know what, I feel like s)*$@.  Everyone feels like s($@& sometimes.  It's normal and I will get over it but can I just be allowed to say it?
That is all.  I feel better.
Go on with your daily to dos.