Thursday, August 25, 2011

An attached dad

My husband is a wonderful, patient man and is awesome with our daughter.
Case in point, my daughter is not keen on thunder and lightning.  Keen is probably putting it mildly.
Anyway, today we had some awfully brutal storms where the thunder seemed to be right outside our window.
Immediately my daughter put her hands over her ears and asked to be held tightly.
DH was walking our dog.
He ran home and immediately came in to check on our daughter.
She attached herself to him and hasn't let go.
He sat there patiently and let her talk out her fears and thoughts about thunder and lightning.
We've talked and read about thunder and lightning so she knows what they are and a vague understanding about what that's about.  (DH explains the positive and negative charges well and also adds a 'Clouds Bumping' visual to explain.)
She likes to visually see the lightning and rain outside our apartment and so she asked to sit outside to view the rain.  So he sat for 25 minutes in front of our apartment door.  In silence they watched the thunder, lightning and rain.  She clutched her notepad and pen.
He didn't talk.  He just listened to her.
If she had a question, he answered thoughtfully.
If she was quiet and just wanted to watch, he sat there allowing her to be uninterrupted with her thoughts.
(I wish he was like that with me allowing me to vent without offering a solution. :-))
I know my husband sometimes teases me for some of my thoughts and ideas regarding parenting, including my leanings toward attachment parenting, breastfeeding and babywearing but I think this just shows me he leans just as much as I lean.
Hoping everyone else has moments like these.