Monday, May 23, 2011


It's been a while. Most of the time it's because I'm exhausted and don't have time to put my head on paper but this time I have an actual physical excuse, my mactop blew up.

Well specifically, my mactop was accidentally dropped on its side and well we think the hard drive crapped out. We can see it in safe mode but I can't boot up.

I need to transfer my data over to our external and then I'll try to reinstall OS and see if that works. If not, it's new hard drive time or a trip to the Genius Bar.

I've been feeling guilty lately, ok, when do I not feel guilty. I know it's very common as most moms of have told me they felt this as well. I just feel like with #1 my head was all abou #1. Now my head is about #2 sometimes but mostly how can I juggle #1 & #2, how will this effect #1, how will this effect DH? etc..

I bet men don't think this way.

DH had this smile and grin on his face at the last sonogram. I'm not sure what that was about. He's been smiles before but this one was different. I don't know if it was the scene and the pregnancy hormones but there he was smiling holding onto our daughter watching the screen and my love for him grew even more.

On the learning front, TG is now using the potty without taking her pants off completely. She pulls them down to her ankles and pulls them back up after I help her wipe. She's also insisting that my husband shave daily. This is very cute. She stands on her step stool and watches him shave. The funny thing is that it takes at least three days for some actual stubble to come in to warrant a shave. It doesn't stop TG insisting that he be smooth as a baby's bottom.

We took our toddler to Sesame Place for the first time. It was an impromptu trip brought on by TG's all time favorite musician performing at the park. TG doesn't watch Sesame Street and only knows a handful of characters, thanks to DH's impressions so SP wasn't a place you'd think we'd go to. Still it was a close drive and the highlight was Justin Roberts performing. We took our pooch along as our dog walker was out of town. It was a day trip and it wasn't too warm so we felt comfortable checking on her in an opened car every two hours. It wasn't ideal but it worked out as TG had to use the potty around the same times. We paid extra to park by the entrance and kept going back and forth for potty breaks for both toddler and pup.

I don't know if I mentioned this yet but TG now goes to potty in the car. We have our portable potty there and she prefers the peace and privacy of the car to the public bathrooms. The echoing and noises of a public restroom were too much for her.

Oh and yes, we bought a new car. M5 is her name. You'd think a stationwagon (DH called it a sportswagen but we all know it was a stationwagon) would suffice but with every child DH must hunt and gather. And so we now have a Mazda5. Essentially it's a mini-minivan but don't tell my husband that.

DH had finals last week so it was a week filled with juggling and making sure DH had plenty of time to study and do what he needed do to finish his projects. The sense of relief on his face Saturday evening said it all. Now he has a week of rest before it starts all over again. I'm so proud of him.

Finally, it snuck up on me but it's Memorial Day time. We're thinking of taking another day trip as we found them to be actually relaxing and fun. Sure, I'm like a madwoman planning and packing contingencies but my fondest memories as a child were in the backseat of my parent's car driving to and fro.