Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Perfect Mother's Day

I never thought I would be the type of person that would  make mother's day a holiday type of event.  I'm not a hallmark type of person.  Valentine's day is seems frivilous to me. 
But since I became a mom and since the experience years are growing I have an added value in the day.  Its not a value that others would associate I suppose.  Mothers day isnt about family gatherings or fancy teas or a day of no family.  To me, Mothers day is the one day in 365 (sometimes 366) where my husband can be the mom for a change.
Now wait, pg, isnt your husband a SAHD? Yes but that doesnt mean he is a mom. He is tthe cool dad that goes with the flow and doesnt worry whether there are enough snacks or potty facilities etc...
Moms worry. 
Moms plan. 
Moms have contingency plans. 
Moms coordinate. 
Moms organize. 
Moms think of others first. 
Moms worry about other people's feelings before their own. 
Mother's day is the one day of the year i do not want to plan or thinka about.  Once I figure out mom's day gifts for grandparents (Let us be honest.  Since my husband and I met, he hasn't given a thought once about mom's and pop's day and his parents.   Yup, it's the wife who has to figure it out every single year.)  and send out greetings to fellow moms, I am done. 
I want that day from the first yawn and stretch to be a day of absolute carelessness (well by mom standards).
Let Dad get everyone dressed and up for church.
Let dad figure out breakfast. 
Let dad figure out what to do today, even if it is absolutely nothing. 
Let dad pack snacks or figure out provisions. 
Let dad contemplate skipping/altering/planning around naps. 
Let dad contemplate the consquences of the above. 
Let dad figure out meals and how to do the dishes between rounds of hide and go seek. 
I dont want fancy restaurants. 
I dont want weekend getaways. 
I dont want flowers. 
I dont want candies and chocolates.  
I dont want spa trips
I dont want jewelry. 
I dont want a day of alone time. 
I want to shut off my mom brain and let someone else be the adult responsible mom today.