Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Telling the Family

Before I even got home DH was texting me.
"What did the doctor say?"
I recalled how apparently my texting him the photo of the sonogram was a bad move last time. I thought it would give him some time to absorb everything before meeting me. I had heard millions of stories of guys initial reactions throwing a woman off.
Well, his initial reaction that time was to announce to his office our pregnancy and then going home.
So there I was driving home trying to figure out a way to tell him wondering if his reaction would upset me. I think I'm more scared of telling him than anyone else.
"Well, after last time, I can understand the apprehension." said my girlfriend.
I got home and DH asked immediately, "What did the doctor say?"
I tucked my head in the refrigerator as I tried to figure out how to tell him. I can't not tell him. I mean, it would be nice but hiding that sort of thing probably would be hard. I figured again, the logical is to just tell him. I close the refrigerator door and tell him.
He smiles and says, "I knew it. Congratulations, honey." We hugged and he said, "Well this is going to be fun."
The next hours was me just waiting and waiting for the break. Finally he said, "Why aren't you smiling? Did I react badly? What's the matter?"
All the anxiety came out and he said he was anxious too but that it would be fine.
"It's not like we didn't want to have more children. We knew we'd want more."
The rest of the day was us cracking inside jokes and my husband swearing the sonogram was larger than TG's at that age.
We went through some of the earlier sonograms and TG proceeded to fold and crinkle her siblings sonogram. We chuckled and like last time, I tucked the sonogram away for safe keeping.
During dinner I mentioned to TG that a baby may be coming and that its growing in my belly.
TG: In your belly button?
PG: Yes.
TG: I want to see.
PG: Well the baby is inside and growing. Soon it will come out.
TG: Baby crawls first then walks up stairs.
PG: Yes, a baby learns to crawl before the baby can walk.
TG: Baby eat french fries?
PG: No babies don't eat french fries but you can show him/her french fries later.
TG: I give baby squashy stars and yogurt.
PG: Yes, later on you can introduce the baby to your favorites squashy stars and yogurt.