Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happiness in utero

It's probably too early but I think ToF is into music too. Any music and my tummy gets a warm feeling inside. DH thinks it's gas but I instantly feel happier.
It's the same happy I feel when at 5am I have my early morning breakfast. For the last three mornings, I've woken with incredible hunger. I ate half a whole wheat baguette the first night.
Oh, you may notice ToF. Yes, we've a nickname for our little growing being. It's an inside little nod and for short she/he is called ToF. What do you think?
Going back to happy feelings. I know it's stiill early but I believe each child has their own happiness buttons even at an early stage. I remember the Beatles made my daughter happy in utero. She also loved cold cow milk and tomatoes.
I get a happy feeling now when I eat something yummy and when music plays. It's not the happy feeling I get normally for myself when something makes me happy. It's different.
DH and science may disagree but I think my kid's personality is growing even now.