Sunday, February 06, 2011

Clean underpants & 1st Bambi moment

Good week.  Crazy busy week but good week.  Slowly getting back to family as focus.
First the big news...  TG spent entire day in underpants and no mess!  Every 60-90 minutes I brought her to bathroom.  She even told me once she needed to go.  We even went to a birthday party and brought her potty and she went in the potty as well.
Other news, big mom fail.  TG has been asking about opera a lot.  Since the orchestra concert, she's been practicing conducting and telling me instrument sounds she recognizes.  She also started listening to a kids version of 'Figaro' and she's been singing it often.  So I thought, maybe she's old enough and she would enjoy a first exposure to Bugs Bunny and the many opera and classical music shorts.  I should have chose 'Long-Haired Hare'.  Instead I chose 'What's Opera, Doc?'
She loved the beginning.  Wagner's dramatic opening and the lightning and short stocky Elmer Fudd were great.  With every cymbal crash she looked me with wide eyes and a big grin.
I was wondering if she was too young when bam, Bugs Bunny aka Brunhilda dies.  That was it.  Nothing could console my child.  No hugs.  No pausing of the scene where Bugs Bunny lifts his head and appears 'alive'.
DH: First Bugs Bunny and you have to chose a one where he dies.  Great. 

For an animated version of what my daughter looked like apx 1:43.