Friday, February 25, 2011

2 year old and Hershey, PA equals wonderland

So how has the year of me been going? I guess good.  I'm trying not to always think of my basic needs last and that's a big step, I suppose.
I begged my husband for a quick weekend getaway a month ago.  I pretty much told him I'm going to snap.  We went to PA for the weekend.  It was short but it was much needed.  I didn't bring my computer.  I turned off my phone, ok I turned it on for a reason which I will explain later.
I'm just tired.  I'm constantly running around.  I'm constantly behind on some project or to do.  But you know what?  Year of me has been pushing me to stop thinking about everything that needs to get done and try to take a chill pill.
On the kid front, TG spent the entire trip in underpants and only had one accident which I blame on me.  DH says it ridiculous to blame myself but I am a mom and I suppose that's what I do.  It happened on the food court, which I suppose is a better place to have it happen.  The food court at Chocolate World where everyone around us had kids and were parents or grandparents.  Like a tag team, DH took care of the mess as I carried our daughter to the bathroom to wash up and change.
Later she said to me, "That's for diaper changes," as she pointed to the changing table in the restroom.  "I don't need a diaper change.  I wear underpants."  Right you are, child.
She absolutely loved her first 3D show.  Of course it was about chocolate.  What else do you expect from Hershey, PA?  She put the sunglasses on and tried to catch the 3D chocolate kissed floating towards her.  It made DH and I smile.  During a scene where water splashed us, she thought she had to go and immediately, DH lifted her up and I slid the potty under her.  Don't judge.  You'd do the same thing.  It was dark and the potty was safely underneath her.  It was a false alarm.  Still DH and I were pretty proud of ourselves.
Oh and the how milk chocolate is made ride is one large Hershey commercial.  Ok, you go to Hershey, PA and Chocolate World expecting this but as a new parent, it really hits you.  The entire catchy song is literally telling your 2 year old, "You love chocolate.  You love Hershey chocolate." 
Oh and I don't know if this is a sign of the things to come but as we left, I told TG she could pick something from the shop.  I was afraid she'd pick some product placement giant Hershey's pillow or doll.
No she picked a green and yellow adult stretchy ring. 
She also picked out an orange Reese's dodge ball but not because it said Reese's but because it was orange.
Go figure.
Other firsts or highlights include:
First time ordering from kids menu
First time in 3 hour car ride without diaper
I didn't freak out about lack of veggies in vacation diet.
I didn't freak out about massive chocolate intake during vacation.
TG's face at the sight of a 5lb bar of chocolate.
TG's recognition of a Hershey's kiss
TG's face whenever a Hershey employee gave her a chocolate bar.
TG picking out exactly what she wanted to eat for practically every meal.
TG holding a giant turkey sandwich and noshing on it.